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Johannes Gutenberg

Posted in Favourite Graphic Designers by lisaholland on January 1, 2009

A German goldsmith and printer who is credited with being the first European to use movable type printing, in around 1439, and the global inventor of the mechanical printing press. His major work, the Gutenberg Bible (also known as the 42-line Bible), has been acclaimed for its high aesthetic and technical quality.

Gutenberg Bible

Before Gutenberg, we were copying Bibles through monasteries. This made typesetting a lot easier than it was before, as it was all written by hand.

Stephen Fry made a documentary about the creation of ONE singular page of that ever-famous Bible, and a printer would have had to first of all, make each and every letter out of lead, then set each latter separately within the frame, Then print it

You can watch the programme here on Youtube:

Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press

Gutenberg Press

The Gutenberg press with its wooden and later metal movable type printing brought down the price of printed materials and made such materials available for the masses. It remained the standard until the 20th century. The Gutenberg printing press developed from the technology of the screw-type wine presses of the Rhine Valley. It was there in 1440 that Johannes Gutenberg created his printing press, a hand press, in which ink was rolled over the raised surfaces of moveable hand-set block letters held within a wooden form and the form was then pressed against a sheet of paper.


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  1. OMONIYI OLALEKAN said, on May 5, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    good job well done. i will approciate it if u can forward different views of the gutenberg machine to my mial box. thanks

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