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Posted in Top Ten Websites by lisaholland on January 7, 2009

Interesting visually and fun to play with this website showcases the artists work in a fun and playful way

Stefan Sagmeister is my favourit designer on his website the design is very inspiring and unique. It has advice for students and has taken the time to  answer Student’s questions in one part of the website. The website is surprisingly simple considering the complexity of Sagmeister’s work but i think it works and keeps the attention on the design that is being showcased.

Examples of work on the website:

This website looks fantastic and the items sold on here are lovely

The ‘Sticky Note Experiments’. A series of videos for you to watch of how they made all types of structures such a spinwheels, paper slinkies and much more out of sticky notes. The videos also explain how to make the structures yourself using only visual language.Interesting, simple layout using sticky notes as navigation menus.

I found this website by accident and what a lovely surprise it was. The work is inspirational and very impressive. Examples below.


This website is fantastic it has loads of different styles of typography and is a great source for creative ideas. The article on 30 inspiring type treatment was extremely useful.

Some examples from the website


Leather Bag designed by Assouline made by Cole Haan – $450.00.


Designed by Jonathan Caplan for Interview magazine. “This Film is Not Yet Rated,” May 2006

Fully interactive and i love the design your own bottle feature its very fun
Cool hunting is a website that is updated regularly and shows cool things to its visitors. It shows art, clothing music and much more.
examples of items shown on the website:

T-shirt design

clothing made from cigarette butts

is an art studio and design studio based in London, England. The studio has designed such books as The Beatles’ The Beatles Anthology, The Rolling Stones’s A Life on the Road and album art covers for Genesis, Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton.


examples of work on the website:

the aardman animations website is fun and interesting. The design is creative and well thought out.


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