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Sony’s Apple Remote Control

Posted in Gadgets by lisaholland on December 20, 2008

Is there any place for innovation when it comes to the design of remote controls? Apparently, there is. This Sony’s”apple” allows users to perform basic functions like changing channels, volume etc. with simple motion gestures (see image below). Once “apples” are placed on the bowl, the remote control is being recharged. Neither price nor production dates are known.



Posted in Rozhdestvo Animation by lisaholland on December 20, 2008

This animation is called Rozhdestvo, or Рождество in russian which literally translates into “Christmas”. The animation is about the Christmas story of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay. The animation is 14minutes long and has some lovely touches i thoroughly enjoyed it. The animation was produced in Moscow out of the Pilot studios, directed by Mikhail Aldashin, it won a Golden Dove award in 1997.

Favourite Magazines

Posted in Favourite Magazines by lisaholland on December 20, 2008

 Amelia’s Magazine

Amelia’s Magazine is a beautiful creation that aims to bring together the very best in new music, fashion, art, illustration and photography. Renowned for its very special covers (previous issues have been encrusted with Swarovski crystals, lazer-cut, made out of furry flock, scratch ‘n’ sniff in different flavours and glow-in-the-dark) it is lovingly edited, designed and crafted by Amelia in her spare room just off Brick Lane in East London.

Issue 4

With an innovative scratch ‘n’ sniff cover with three flavours. This issue came with an exclusive set of smelly pens that can be used to colour in the colouring pages by assorted illustrators. Features include photos of American Halloween decorations and interviews with the likes of The Long Blondes (before they were signed) 

Issue 2

This came with a unique lazer cut cover by illustrator Rob Ryan that detached from the magazine, and a limited edition necklace by either Tatty Devine or Reino Lehtonen-Riley.

Sherbert Magazine

Started as an idea between two friends in Denver Colorad 2001 Sherbert began with and still exists on one simple idea: to inspire and to be inspired. 

Each issue of SHERBERT is based on a loose theme and features emerging international talent in the fields of illustration, photography, design, and literature. SHERBERT is an “open submission” based magazine and are always looking for new artists and writers to submit work for possible inclusion in an upcomming issues. 

SHERBERT does not contain traditional advertisements instead it raises funds to print each issue by accepting sponsorships at various monetary levels. This funding and support comes from small businesses, art entities and individuals. Sponsors are recognised in a concentrated area in the back of each issue. 

Issue 5

Focusing on Childhood as a theme. illustrators, artists and photographers submitted there work to create this issue. The issue is 48 black and white full bleed pages printed on heavyweight stock and comes packaged with a Wooster Collective vs SHERBERT Magazine coloring book, a mix CD from DJ idiom from Denver, and 3 pixie sticks. Limited to 800 copies, each issue is hand numbered and each cover is hand stamped with a sponge logo.


Cube Magazine

Cube was first published in 1998. No expense wasw spared on design and production. The issue was designed to be a small table as well as a magazine. That trend has continued as Giorgio De Mitri and Patrizia Di Gioia based at Italian design agency Sartoria, continue to produce a visually rich and inspired production.

Cube is a work of passion more than anything else it is aimed at people De Mitri knows, it is not for sale he only distributes it to his close friends and family. A shame I would love a copy!



Kruger Magazine 

Kruger is a free quarterly music magazine that was started at the end of 2003. Every issue has a theme and a concept behind it,. It doesn’t look like any other magazine available in the UK, and I think that it reads really well too. They currently have  got circulation of 25,000 copies per issue .

Issue 14 – Welcome to Krugerville


 Featuring Late of the Pier, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man, Bat For Lashes, Death Vessel, Tokyo Police Club, Bonde Do Role, The Ting Tings, Pop Levi, Super Furry Animals, Architecture in Helsinki, Good Shoes, Holy Hail, The Mules and Cate Le Bon.


Grafik Magazine

Grafik is a London based, independent monthly design magazine. It offers current information about the Graphic Design industry and examples from the most cutting-edge work today’s designers have to offer. Thefree-minded editorial seeks opinions from the industry’s leading experts and each month’s edition contains a special report that takes a detailed look at an area related to the industry. This could be anything from the fashion to photography or from art to the design process.

Grafik has had much appraise for its design over the years as it has its content. I was originally attracted to it for its quirky layout consisting of layering, trasparency and overlapping text and image – a technique almost invented by Grafik as it went againstevery unwritten law of graphic design, treating its content as objects to be experimented with.

October 2008 Issue

2007- 2008 Grafik Covers


Gum magazine 


Front cover of Glasgow University Magazine, 4 December 1889. The first issue of GUM had appeared on 5 February 1889, aiming to keep students informed of news and events within the University, and to provide an outlet for student writing and illustrations.

It is the oldest continuously published student magazine in Scotland and despite changes in style has continued to document the University’s history from the student’s point of view, with reports of sporting achievements and debates, short stories and poems, articles and letters giving opinions on the political and moral issues of the day, and photographs of office bearers and medal winners.

GUM provided a start for a number of illustrators, writers and editors who went on to make their marks in the wider world. They included James Bridie, Charles Oakley, and John Buchan, the author of The Thirty-Nine Steps, who wrote for GUM in the 1890s.


Latest Edition



Issue 19


This issue has original cover art from Mr. Danny Sangra, along with King Adz on Hush, the photography of Lyle Owerko, and work from Faith47, El Gato Chimney and others and a review of Woodstock’s new summer haircut, a trip to see Transfer meet Beautiful Loses in Brazil  and more

Issue 10

Dazed and Confused

100% independent in ownership and spirit, Dazed is one of the most influential monthly magazines in the world.

Dazed’s newly re-launched online mag is packed with features on fashion, art, culture and music, exclusive interviews, live footage from cutting edge, musicians designers and artists, blogs from around the world from contributors.

Dec 08 Issue

Magazine: Dazed & 


Issue: December 2008
Models: Kate Somers & Nathan Sutherland
Photography by Daniel Sannwald
Nicola Formichetti posted the cover at his blog, he said this issue is dedicated to the new photographers, new designers and new artists.
Sept 08 issue


Oct 07 Issue

Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine, The International Review of Graphic Design is a quarterly print magazine for everyone involved in graphic design and visual culture.

Dec 08 Issue/Issue 70

Issue 69

Contagious Magazine

Contagious is a quarterly intelligence briefing in magazine, DVD and online format. It identifies the ideas, trends and innovations behind the world’s most revolutionary marketing strategies.

Plastique Magazines

“Creativity, Bravery, Fearlessness. Life is a journey so is Plastique. Think for yourself.” Plastique magazine reaches a broad readership of style conscious women and mena ged 20-35 years old.

Clutter Magazine

UK based with an International perspective, Clutter is the first English language magazine to focus on the designer toy phenomenon. Combining in-depth interviews with the scene’s leading figures, forthright editorial and outstanding photography and design, it’s rapidly establishing itself as the toy collector’s must have read.

Dark Knight Film Posters

Posted in Dark Knight Posters by lisaholland on December 18, 2008

I love the posters for the Dark Knight The quality of photography is amazing and the posters show the genre of the film extremely well





Top Ten Album Covers

Posted in Top Ten Album Covers by lisaholland on December 18, 2008

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles


Designed by Peter Blake this pop art collage is probably the most recognizable album cover in history, as befits one of rock music’s most important artistic statements. 

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures


The cover, pictured above, was created by Peter Saville in 1979 after guitarist Bernard Sumner found the original image in an astronomy encyclopedia. It represents, apparently, 100 pulses from the remnant of a collapsed star.

Abbey Road – The Beatles

One of the most famous images of all time. The Beatles 1969 album, Abbey Road. The pose is so well known throughout the world that hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to liverpool each year to have their picture taken where their idols once walked. What is particularly impressive about this image is that the band name and the album title are not needed in order to identify who the image is of and where they were at the time it was taken.

Nevermind – Nirvana 

The idea for the cover came from the immortal frontman, Kurt Cobain. It brilliantly depicts an innocent baby floating peacefully whilst being lured by a dollar on a fish hook – Cobain’s not-so-subtle way of rebelling against the money grabbing executives he claimed were trying to control Nirvana’s musical direction.

The cover was initially thought to be too offensive due to the baby’s genitals being shown, however, Cobain argued his corner and the album was released with a sticker covering the questionable area stating ‘If you’re offended by this, you must be a closet pedophile’. Brilliant publicity, and a brilliant cover design.

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd allegedly picked this incredibly iconic “refracting prism” image in about three minutes flat
The simple but memorable drawing was emblematic of the group’s psychedelic tendencies as well as their famed laser light shows.

Homogonous – Bjork

Leave it to the ever-eccentric Icelandic pixie to basically describe her third solo album as homogonous, and yet dress up like a long-necked, possibly alien techno-geisha. 

British photographer Nick Knight has also shot covers for everyone from David Bowie to Kylie Minogue, but he’ll always be known for this shot, which also happened to be the very first pic he snapped during the 3.5 hour session.

The Velvet Underground

Designed by Andy Warhol this simple design stands out and the cover is interactive. The banana on the sleeve actually peeled back  to reveal a suggestively pink banana on the inside

Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks 

The one and only album released by the Brit-punks during their brief but influential two and a half year career. Cover art is by anarchic artist Jamie Reid

Stanley Road – Paul Weller




This ex-Jam frontman’s cover is the second iconic collage album cover by Peter Blake in my top ten.

 Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix is depicted as two Vedic deities, with the multiple hands of Durga and with his bandmates as avatars of Vishnu

Other interesting covers





University of Wales Psychology Society

Posted in My Work by lisaholland on December 13, 2008

I was asked to design Information posters and a logo for the society and I’m rather happy with the results. Below is the logo, and a quote from a famous psychologist, the poster will be up at a later date.



Posted in Magawebzine Work by lisaholland on December 11, 2008

   My current brief is to make ten products out of commodities and then sell them in a magazine that I have to design. I have to decided to make a cheaper alternative to designer toys, so I have made them out of everyday food packaging like a pint milk bottle here are some examples.  

turtle toy recycled flora box

turtle toy recycled flora box

Spider s1050614s1050611 s10506091 getattachment-1aspx s1050617





More animals to come   THE LOGO I played with many different variations on the logo, I started with hands like 5+5=10 that led me onto the mathmatical route like 1+9=10 etc. I also played with different languages like italian DIECE, or french DIX, etc. I then played around with the layout of the two digits. Here is my progression through the design of the ten logo and the final solution   wordpress4




The Front Cover

This is my first fron cover that didnt really work. There is just too much going on. too many colours and i dont think the hands really work so i decided to change them to handprints.


magazineThis is my final design for my front cover i think it is a big improvement on the first design. I have made the hands into a pattern going from 1 to 10.My magazine is about selling toys so i have put a toy that i have made behind the ten of the logo which also relates to my animation which i will put up at a later date





This is a piece of promotional mail that is being sent to promote my magazine. 

Advertisement for a Fictitious Company.

Part of our brief was to design an advert to go in the magazine. It had to for a Fictitious company. So i made an advert for a printing company here it is:



Flash Video

My flash video for the magazine is now up on youtube. Have a look

Alice in Wonderland Illustrations

Posted in My Work by lisaholland on December 10, 2008

I did these Ilustrations 2 years ago for my final major project at college. I’m still very happy with them and enjoyed the self written brief and the luxury of a 12 week brief. A long time to play artound with ideas and come to a satisfying solution. I combined hand drawn and collaged illustrations with photography. My pets were featured as characters from the book. My dog starred as the giant puppy and my rabbit as one of the Queen of Heart’s court members.

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole



Drink Me

Drink Me

Too Big

Too Big

Pool of Tears

Pool of Tears

The Rabbit sends a Little Bill

The Rabbit sends a Little Bill

Out of the Chimney

Out of the Chimney

Advice from a Caterpillar

Advice from a Caterpillar

The Giant Dog

The Giant Dog

Just a Pack of Cards

Just a Pack of Cards

Graphic Content stuff

Posted in My Work by lisaholland on December 9, 2008

Me and my friend Holly have our own radio show at uni these are some posters i did for it




Cartoon versions of me and holly 


Typographic Calender

Posted in Gadgets by lisaholland on December 8, 2008


Typodarium brings daily typographic inspiration to creative types around the world. This is the first tear-off calendar showcasing 365 different fonts. Discover a new font everyday, learn the background behind its creation and several other interesting details. Fifty foundries and designers from all over the world -including Parachute®- were asked to contribute with their favorite fonts. The result is a surprising insight into the inexhaustible world of letters and numbers. The front page, which is classic and functional, shows the date, while the reverse side diplays the background info, designers and reference sources. Now, every day becomes a typography day and some calendar pages become a font shopping list. Typodarium was planned and designed by Magma -Lars Harmsen’s creative team- in collaboration with Berlin designer Raban Ruddigkeit and the well-known Mainz publishing company Hermann Schmidt. The calendar includes contributions from foundries such as 2Rebels, Canada Type, ds Type, Fontbureau, Fontfarm, Fontfont, Fountain, Magma Brand Design / VolcanoType, Mark Simonson, p22, Parachute, Type Together, Underware, URW++, Xplicit.